PHD Courses
expand Major: PHD. pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences
CourseTitleDepartmentsCourse   Outline
1201902 Selected Topics in Drug Discovery (1)Pharmaceutical SciencesNot Uploded
1203905 Pharmacology Laboratory and BioassayBiopharmaceutics and Clinical PharmacyNot Uploded
1201908 Medicinal Natural ProductsPharmaceutical SciencesNot Uploded
1201926 Research methodologies and tools in PharmacyPharmaceutical SciencesNot Uploded
1201911 Proteomics and Drug DiscoveryPharmaceutical SciencesNot Uploded
1201914 Medicinal Chemistry of Anticancer AgentsPharmaceutical SciencesNot Uploded
1201916 Medicinal Chemistry of the Respiratory and GIT AgentsPharmaceutical SciencesNot Uploded
1201918 Medicinal Chemistry of Endocrine System AgentsPharmaceutical SciencesNot Uploded
1201927 Advanced SpectroscopyPharmaceutical SciencesNot Uploded
1201929 Quality Control and Standardization of Natural ProductsPharmaceutical SciencesNot Uploded
1201931 New Trends in Natural Products Drug DiscoveryPharmaceutical SciencesNot Uploded
1201933 Seminar in Medicinal ChemistryPharmaceutical SciencesNot Uploded

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