1201930 Physicochemical properties as a tool in drug research
Course Description :
Development of advanced instruments explored new horizons in drug research and made it possible to obtain better and accurate results in shorter time in both diagnostic and therapeutic research areas. During this course, the students will be introduced to some of the new trends in drug research like the application of advanced light sources (Synchrotrons) in the characterization of the physicochemical properties of different pharmaceutical dosage forms like microemulsions, liquid crystals and nanoparticles. Also the students will be introduced to some medical applications of advanced light source like tracing drug diffusion and delivery based on the interaction properties with light source components like the infrared light. The knowledge of the relation between nature of the research tool and the physicochemical properties of the drug (interaction with light, magnetic properties,..) and the formula (size, surface properties,..) are the key factors for optimum utilization of these advanced techniques. During the course, it will be discussed with the students the importance of the physicochemical properties of drug molecules and their formulations in the choice and efficiency of the analytical methodology. The student will be introduced to the concept of the physical property of interest and the available experimental methods used in the determination of this property. After this stage, selected newly published articles will be discussed with the students illustrating the pharmaceutical or medical importance of the knowledge of the physicochemical properties and the new technologies.
Department :Pharmaceutical Sciences
Program :PHD. pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences
Course Level :Doctorate
Course Outline :

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