One of the leading centers in the pharmacy education in Jordan. With an excellent national and regional reputation in research and innovation

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It is a great honor to be appointed as the Dean of the School of Pharmacy. During the past decades until this moment our school has been merging through steeped up path of progress, thanks to the wise leadership of the distinguished deans and the efforts of a remarkable staff. We have moved to a point where national distinction is in view.
The School of Pharmacy at The University of Jordan now has a highly committed faculty, an able student body and exceedingly loyal alumni ; The joined efforts of this remarkable team  make the hope for a future progress quite realistic.
This spirit of collaboration has characterized our pharmacy school since its foundation, this team spirit is crucial  to be preserved and nurtured. Only through such a sustained partnership will the pharmacy school progress and excel.
Improvement of the infrastructure, update of software, and upgrade of instruments are to be continuously pursued. With the cooperation of the University administrat


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