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Master Courses

CourseTitleDepartmentsCourse   Outline
1203729 Pharmacotherapy (2)Biopharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmacy
1203729_Pharmacotherapy II-MSc 2012.pdf    
1203722 Clinical PharmacokineticsBiopharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmacy
1203722_Clinical PK outline_MSc_2012.pdf    
1203724 Advanced PharmacotherapyBiopharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmacy
1203724_Advanced Pharmacotherapy-MSc.pdf    
1203718 Evidence-Based Pharmacy PracticeBiopharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmacy
1203718_Evidence -based pharmacy pratice.pdf    
1203728 Pharmacy Administration (Pharmaceutical marketing/ PharmacoEconomics)Biopharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmacy
1203728_ Pharmacy Administration.pdf    
1203713 Hospital Clerkship 2 Biopharmaceutics and Clinical PharmacyNot Uploded
1233725 Hospital Pharmacy Biopharmaceutics and Clinical PharmacyNot Uploded
1203727 Specialty Hospital Clerkship 2 Biopharmaceutics and Clinical PharmacyNot Uploded
CourseTitleDepartmentsCourse   Outline
1202704 Pharmaceutical MicrobiologyPharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology
1202726-Drug Formulation and Drug Delivery 2Pharmaceutical Sciences
1201728 Drug Analysis and IdentificationPharmaceutical SciencesNot Uploded
1203701 Biopharmaceutics and PharmacokineticsBiopharmaceutics and Clinical PharmacyNot Uploded
1201705 Drug Design Pharmaceutical SciencesNot Uploded
1201723 Phytotherapy Pharmaceutical SciencesNot Uploded
1303728 Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Pharmaceutical SciencesNot Uploded