1201931 New Trends in Natural Products Drug Discovery
Course Description :
The course will highlight the historical background of drug discovery from plant and animal kingdoms. The impact of using compounds isolated from natural sources as templates or as starting molecules for semi synthetic modification on modern pharmaceutical industry. Examples of clinically used compounds based on molecules isolated from natural sources will be presented. Identification available sources of diversity for lead compound(s) and its pharmacological targets. Application of compound libraries and its relation to identify lead compound diversity. Understand the concept of high-throughput screening (HTS) from source selection, pilot-scale screening, assay design and implementation. Practical aspects of cell-based in vitro and in vivo testing will be discussed. Chemo- and bio-informatic analysis for optimization of lead compound from HTS for quantitative approaches to model development efficacy. Scaling up successful candidates for optimization of lead compound(s) through pre-clinical pharmacological and toxicological studies. The concepts will be supported by examples of successful and failed candidates for anticancer, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant, anticoagulant and cardioactivecompounds using techniques discussed throughout the course.
Department :Pharmaceutical Sciences
Program :PHD. pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences
Course Level :Doctorate
Course Outline :

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