1201911 Proteomics and Drug Discovery
Course Description :
Study of organism proteins and their role in organism’s structure, growth, health, disease (and/or the organism’s resistance to disease, etc.). Those roles are predominantly due to each protein molecule’s tertiary structure/conformation, therefore, the effect of drugs on 3D structure will be discussed as part of Drug Discovery Sciences. Some methods utilized to determine which impact results from which protein, such as: chemical genetics, to compare two same-species organisms, gene expression analysis, to determine the protein(s) produced when a given gene is “switched on”, by measuring fluorescence of individual messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules when that mRNA hypridizes. Gene expression analysis, to determine impact when a given gene is “knocked out”/”turned off” and protein interaction analysis, to determine if a newly-discovered protein molecule interacts with a protein molecule whose function is already known. In silico biology (modeling), to compare computer-predicted events with actual or in vitro outcomes will be covered.
Department :Pharmaceutical Sciences
Program :PHD. pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences
Course Level :Doctorate
Course Outline :

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