7/31/2012 1:28 PM
Alaa Mohammad Al Jaafreh

The Faculty of excellence, my faculty, faculty of pharmacy… our journey started by its shadows since the day its name crowned a flag that we raise after our success in the general secondary… we hugged that caring mother… so it chose us as knights that grow under her wings, transcend with her knowledge and it transcends with us… year by year and she delivers her promise… our connection to her is not like any other faculty; we spent the most beautiful days in it, in all the beauties of life, happiness, cheerfulness, and even sadness !! We witnessed its golden age; when she was dressed with a new dress that increased its grade; even thought we withstood the difficulties of being away from the faculty, but we have the most marvelous faculty architecture from all the other… ask about it!! Sorry, but I do not speak from a neutral side; I can’t be neutral, because my belonging and loving to the faculty makes the branches of my letters lean to its side, my years grow in it, my knowledge grows from its fountains, and her name is a crown that graces my forehead…
By Allah’s name tell me, no matter how hard I tried to be indifferent my letters will always be loyal… we may fall… we may find the path hard… maybe even some despair will visit us with some of what does not meet our likings… but we will not get lost in our path, and with a pharmaceutical beacon we will transcend… with sincere gratitude and appreciation for the faculty of pharmacy and all those who are in charge, Prof. Talal Abu Rjai, its teaching staff, and even the faculty reporters…  may you always be safe in my faculty; the faculty of excellence..