workshop in the field of Business Development

The Pharmaceutical Field Training Committee (School of Pharmacy- The University of Jordan) is pleased to invite you to the second workshop in the field of Business Development "BD". Dr. Nour Hirzallah (Corporate Business Development & PMO Director, MSPharma Corp.) will host the first workshop business development (BD) for a group of pharmacy students at the faculty of pharmacy. Details regarding the BD workshop include: 
To be held over one day, the workshop would take place on Thursday December 22nd, 2022, from 9:00 am – 03:00 pm. 
The number of attendees should be around 60. 
The workshop place will be one of the classrooms at the School of Pharmacy. 
Main language used during the workshop would be English. 
Some quizzes or case studies might be done during the workshop. 
At the end of the workshop, certificates of attendance are provided with possibly high-level qualitative assessment.
The headlines of the topics to be covered are listed in the workshop agenda. 
Senior students are preferred, yet all students are welcomed. 
Coffee break will start at 10:30 am for half an hour.
Accepted students will be added to the workshop team on MS TEAMS.
Interested students should fill in the following link before 20/12/2022. 
Roles of Pharmacists in the pharmaceutical industry.
Business Development in a pharmaceutical company.
Business Development basic strategies
Business models (how to supply the product to the market).
Market access models (how to secure product distribution and reach to patients)
Idea-to-market, witnessing a dream come true
New product approval process
In-house development
Tracking the pipeline
Managing the portfolio
Strategic projects