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Faculty of Pharmacy Hosts its Scientific Day

The faculty of pharmacy at The University of Jordan hosted its Scientific Day entitled: “Pharmacy Sciences and Practice: An Updated Perspective” on Wednesday April 29th, 2015. The event included different lectures delivered by international and local academics and pharmacists. The topics  varied between micro-dosing techniques in children medications (Prof. James McElnay from Queen’s University of Belfast/UK), an update about the applications on gold nanotechnology )Dr.Alaadein Al-Kilani, UJ), The CD73-adenosine axis and tumor microenvironment: a novel target in cancer therapy (Dr.Luca Antonioli, University of Pisa, Italy) and other lectures that gapped the interest and admiration of the audience who outnumbered 500 between staff members and students of different Jordanian universities, in addition to Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA) and the Jordan Royal Medical Services (JRMS). Prof. Rula Darwish, the dean of the faculty of pharmacy stressed during her speech on the importance of hosting such events in enforcing the collaboration between different faculties of pharmacy in addition to the legislative bodies, research centres and different pharmacy practice sectors.