PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences / Program Intended Learning Outcomes

A. Knowledge and Understanding:

A1. understand current scientific advances in the study field;
A2. understand the theory and practice of research methods appropriate to pharmaceutical sciences;
A3. know the ethical frameworks within the chosen area of research;
A4. know scientific writing styles and publication processes within the pharmaceutical sciences field.
B. Cognitive (Intellectual or Thinking) Skills, able to:
B1. formulate research questions and appraise critically the relevant scientific literature;
B2. critically evaluate the methodological, ethical and financial limitations of the proposed research project and propose the alternative options;
C. Practical (Professional or Subject) Skills, able to:
C1. suggest authoritative solutions of theoretical, practical and ethical problems within a study subject context;
C2. select appropriate qualitative and quantitative methods and settings to conduct
C3. take responsibility as an independent researcher;
D. Transferable (Graduate) Skills, able to:
D1. disseminate research and professional recommendations to relevant communities using appropriate formats;
D2. manage and make professional use of research resources (e.g. equipment, facilities, library databases, financial and physical), research data and information;
D3. manage challenges effectively, prioritize time and workloads;
D4. present manuscripts for publication in an accredited scientific journal;
D5. communicate and network within a multidisciplinary team to conduct research and develop
D6. assess learning needs and be independent in the planning and management of own progress.