BSc Pharmacy / Project and Research

1. Obligatory university requirement
a. Learning and research skills 3 credit hour
b. Introduction to philosophy and critical thinking (Obligatory university requirement) 3 credit hour
2. Electives
a. Seminar in pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical technology: 1 credit hour
b. Seminar in biopharmaceutics and clinical pharmacy: 1 credit hour
c. Seminar in pharmaceutical sciences: 1 credit hour
Aims of the Seminar course are:
1.    Develop skills of performing literature review and extraction of information from scientific articles.
2.    Provide the students with an opportunity to integrate and apply the multiple components of their knowledge of basic pharmaceutical science to prepare a mini review with all its structural components.
3.    Develop students' presentation skills and encourage them to think critically.
Learning skills:
1.    Scientific writing
2.    Presentation skills
3.    Communication skills
4.    Critical thinking
5.    Scientific reasoning
Evaluation Methods
1.    Report
2.    Presentation
3.    Discussion