Important Steps In Scientific Research

​Our aim was to enrich pharmacy students of all levels with the necessary and basic information about scientific research as well as to highlight it’s importance in our major.

This program was  4 webinars which was presented by our experienced mentors in 4 consecutive days started from 21st until 24th of September,2020 on GoToMeeting platform.

The schedule was as follows:

-Day 1- 

“Writing a Proposal” presented by Dr.Hatim Al-Khatib 

-Day 2-

“Research Paper Design/ Types of Studies” presented by Dr.Ali Al-Samydai

-Day 3-

“Research Ethics” presented by Dr.Amal Al-Bakri

-Day 4-

“Importance of Publication and Review Process/ How to Pick a Journal” presented by Ms.Suha Muhaissen 

21 Sep, 2020
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