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​Splendor of Pharmacists Magazine (SOP) is a college magazine founded by the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Jordan. SOP's mission is to keep pharmacy students up to date with all the recent pharmaceutical / medical news, advances, and research. SOP also aims to develop academic and non-academic skills, in motivated pharmacy students to help them in their prospective career paths, academic achievement, and research opportunities by organizing events and workshops hosted by the most skillful speakers an


Video Corner

How To Write A Proposal ft. Dr. Hatem Al-Khatib
Research Paper Design/ Types of Studies ft. Dr. Ali Al-Samydai
Importance Of Publication And Review Process/ How To Pick A Journal ft. Dr. Suha Al-Muhaissen
إسأل دكتور صيدلي/ د أحمد أبو سنينة