MSc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences / Program Overview

Ø Background to the program and subject area:

The two-year MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences is based on compulsory and elective courses and a final thesis. All courses are taught in English. The Program prepares the students to assume a multifaceted picture of the pharmaceutical sciences. It provides the students with high standards of advanced fundamental knowledge and research qualifications in the scientific basis of pharmacy which include three main fields: drug discovery and development, pharmaceutics and drug development and principles of pharmacology and clinical development. The students can then assume further specialization through elective course and theses that will give them a definitive scientific profile. The flexibility in choice of electives gives students an opportunity to form a programme that is highly focused but also one with a broader palette.
In addition, the Program is considered a second cycle degree of the highest standard which will be recognized by employers as well as national and international higher education institutes as being of a standard which will provide the automatic right of access to continuing studies in a pharmacy doctoral programme.