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  • 12 - May
  • 2024

The first meeting of the College's Advisory Council

The first meeting of the College's Advisory Council was held in the College of Pharmacy, headed by the Dean of the College, Prof. Rula Darwish, and including the distinguished former deans of the College: Prof. Ali Al-Qaisi, Prof. Khaled Al-Fawares, Prof. Talal Abu Rajie, Prof. Abla Al-Basoul, and Prof. Rana Abu Al-Dhahab.

 The council also includes Dr. Bassam Amr, a faculty member at the college, and Ms. Areej Attiya, assistant administrative dean and secretary of the council. The community service representatives are Dr. Ibrahim Jalal and Dr. Badie Yaish. The student, Hamza Al-Azazma, represents the college students, and the pharmacist, Salah Qandil, is a former graduate of the college and a member of the union council.

The Dean of the College, Prof. Rula Darwish, gave a presentation about the college, including the vision, mission, infrastructure, relationship with the college's partners, and their contributions, as well as the contributions of the teaching and administrative staff and students in the college and their role in raising the college's reliability and rankings within international classifications.

As well as what has been accomplished and developed in the college, as the new floor was opened for expansion, improving the infrastructure and raising the level of services in the college.

Future plans and the university's vision were discussed regarding developing students' competencies in terms of empowering them in the English and Arabic languages, as well as career readiness.