Strategy of Pharmaceutical Sciences Department

6/19/2012 2:33 PM
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (An Overview)

The department of pharmaceutical sciences is considered the backbone for the faculty of Pharmacy. The department holds more than 6 teaching laboratories and 4 research ones.

This Department offers many courses for Bachelor and PharmD degrees in three main areas; Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis and Phytochemistry. In addition, since the establishment of the Master degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1997/1998, the department has been actively involved in launching and teaching many courses within this postgraduate program. Furthermore, In 2005, the department has launched a new PhD program in Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery.


As part of the faculty of pharmacy, the department of pharmaceutical sciences aims to:

  • deliver highly qualified pharmacists to the local and international market,

  • improve the quality of health care sector in Jordan,

  • boost local industry collaboration,

  • serve the local community through direct collaboration with the local industry, the Jordanian Pharmaceutical Association (JPA) and Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA).

Our vision also extends to improve the quantity and quality of scientific research and higher education in Jordan.

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences


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