PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences / Program Details

Program Title
PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Program Code
Awarding Institution
The University of Jordan
Level of Study
Final Qualification
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Other Department(s) involved in teaching the program
Department of Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology
Department of Biopharmaceutics & Clinical Pharmacy
Mode of Attendance) e.g., full time)
Full time
Duration of the Program
The upper limit for obtaining the PhD degree is eight academic semesters which could be extended for two more semesters upon the approval of the faculty dean and the recommendation of the department and faculty committees. The summer course is therefore considered an extension for the second semester and does not need to be extended. Moreover, the minimum duration allowed for obtaining a PhD degree is six semesters.
Credit hours/ contact hours
54 credit hours
Language of Instruction
No. and date of approval by the Ministry of Higher Education
No. and date of national accreditation of the program
23 students every 4 years
Program capacity of students/ year
Other accreditations of the program
Date of production/revision
2010 (previous revision)
No. of current students
Program Director
(name,  phone numbers & email)
Prof. Nailya Bulatova, 5355000, ext. 23293