Course Description :(Prerequisite 1201315+ 1201425) Provides student with basic information on analytical and instrumental methodology in the plant sciences and their utilization in natural products investigations, in particular herbal drugs identification and evaluation. This encompasses methods and techniques relevant to the extraction, separation, purification, identification and evaluation (qualitative and quantitative) of natural products and their derived substances and metabolites. Topics related to analysis of plant-derived extracts and plant products used as food, pharmaceutical, and/or medicinal substances, where emphasis will be placed upon chemical, spectroscopic and chromatographic evaluation. Methods of analysis used to evaluate selected herbal drugs approved and included in herbal pharmacopoeias and compendial sources will be given and discussed.
Department :Pharmaceutical Sciences
Program :Pharmacy / PharmD
Course Level :Bachelor
Course Outline :
1201427 Course Syllabus Phytochemical Analysis.doc